Mom Life Uncut, Nursing Edition

It was recently suggested to me that I craft a post cataloguing all of the most bizzare places and scenarios in which I’ve nursed my son (and believe me, there are MANY!). I hope that sharing a bit of this ridiculousness may bring a smile to your face, or even better, a hearty chuckle ;).

1. While riding on a tractor

2. While getting my hair cut

3. While mincing garlic

4. In Virabhadrasana II (he sits on my front thigh). 5. While Shaving

6. In Mermaid 7. In the tub. Just subtract the candle and wine, and add a baby to this image 😉 8. While riding in a 4-wheeler

9. Sitting on a decaying tree in the middle of the forest IMG_0778 10. In reclined spinal twist 11. On the side of the road

12. In Savasana 13. While peeing 14. While changing his diaper

15. While riding in the car (with my baby still in his car seat–this takes some flexibility/creative maneuvering and it definitely strains, well, lots of things, but it works in a pinch!).

16. While drinking a glass of wine (now before you judge, this is actually one of the safest ways to drink as a nursing mother because of the length of time it takes for alcohol to get into the blood stream, but it LOOKS quite shady!) 17. And my FAVORITE: while sleeping! This, of course, is no loner attainable, as my son is far too active of a nurser (more specfically, he sticks his butt up in the air and bounces it while he nurses…). Now, moms,  it’s YOUR turn to share. Weirdest places-go! Happy nursing!


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