Country Livin’ Ain’t Always Easy

It’s been a weird week. I have so little motivation for anything…I’m lonely and missing variety and excitement that is not elicited by an animal escaping from the pasture. I miss my Atlanta friends and my Atlanta dishwasher. I miss going out for a drink with a girlfriend. Hell, I miss friends…and Indian food and bubble tea and graffiti and dare I say it? I almost miss traffic. I miss ACTION (again, action that does NOT revolve around a devious animal escapade!). The culture shock of our rural existence seems to be catching up with me. And yes, it’s “great” that we are teaching ourselves to play the harmonica and violin and that we have time to make gluten free pies from scratch, but sometimes, you just don’t have the energy to make your own fun and all of our entertainment out here happens to also be a lot of work.

So, while there are so many wondrous opportunities percolating in our new forested life, today I can’t really think about that. Instead I just need to say that it’s also really hard and sometimes I get tired of chasing my son outside all day as he parades around in his wagon. Don’t let his little legs fool you. He’s wicked fast.


One thought on “Country Livin’ Ain’t Always Easy

  1. I really appreciate your honesty daughter and it’s ok to be feeling this way and understandable. I wish I was back there to give you a regular break. I loved every minute with you and I look forward to more…I love you and am lifting you up in prayer. You are so brave and so strong. I am always here for you and I am going to call you soon. You are doing an amazing job and I admire and respect you for how much you are putting into this way of life. You need to take more breaks in the house with Aly and maybe make a different routine that involves more indoor time so it’s not as exhausting….I know how exhausting, but wonderful it is! I am amazed at how fast my little grandson’s short legs and feet go and his energy is unreal! I love you Tori!

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