Hope Materialized

Staring at our tiny home in utter disarray, I feel so pleased with the life we have made. The way we have ordered our priorities. We don’t have very much money. We cannot buy many toys for our son. But we have strived to give him open space to roam free, a whole wilderness to explore. We created a life where he gets to see and work with his mom and dad daily: family rides in “the Ranger” to feed the animals, playing with the door of the chicken coop while we collect the eggs, opening the gates for us as we drive into the cow pastures (he has a thing for gates and doors), and driving his wagon vigorously around daddy while he labours in the garden. All of this brings me such joy, in part at least because of the intentionality this life has required. It requires imagination and determination to live differently than what one has seen and been taught, to creatively reorder the landscape of one’s life. We chose this, hoped for this, and didn’t know if we could ever have this. And while I in no way can attribute what we have to anything but Grace, I know that it started with choice. To  choose to want, to dream, to hope. Then hope serendipitously materialized to opportunity. And though we had dreamily discussed the simple life for years, we didn’t know for sure, couldn’t have known for sure, how we would feel once we had the occasion to enact these ideals. What if we had build it all up in our heads? What if it really wasn’t enough? What if you actually do need more stuff and the entertainment of the city to be happy? 

All we could do was try.

And while it has only been three months, and I am sure there will be many challenges still to come, we are gleefully discovering that the life we had envisioned was in fact what we’d been longing for all along.  IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0752IMG_0183 IMG_0751 IMG_0722 IMG_0714  IMG_0704 IMG_0709 IMG_0610 IMG_0682IMG_0526  IMG_0635 IMG_0651 IMG_0448  IMG_0571 IMG_0445 IMG_0419 IMG_0450 IMG_0449 IMG_0374 IMG_0854IMG_0367 IMG_0357 IMG_0333 IMG_0384 IMG_0266 IMG_0269  IMG_0307 IMG_0274-1 IMG_0254 FullSizeRender-2 IMG_0191  IMG_0205 IMG_0671   IMG_0799 IMG_0769IMG_0800



2 thoughts on “Hope Materialized

  1. This is soooo beautiful tori!! Let me tell you, I love the city life… To be able to walk to a restaurant, park, or cafe is just so lovely to me. I never understand why my mother loved houses that were in the middle of no where. I’d think to myself “How boring!” That is until I moved out here to southern oregon. I’ve experienced that silence you spoke of! Seeing people with huge gardens, lots of animals that give them food, and single houses sitting on a acres has totally opened my mind. I told Jesse “I would love it if we had our own space like this”. It’s so beautiful! –Tori, you must tell me how you all made this happen! Seems like it would be so expensive to have cows and things like that? How far away is the yoga studio? Or shopping?

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    1. So great to hear from you V! And it has definitely been a process for me to get to a point where this is what I wanted and I was willing to give up the luxuries of the city to do it. I will keep adding more about that in the story of our son and how having him really helped clarify what we want to do and be about in our lives. We are very fortunate in that we actually don’t own the land or any of the animals here. At this point in our lives we realized we couldn’t afford to do that unless we raised some serious funds! Adam works for Jordan Rubin, the author of the makers diet, who owns this land and these animals and has hired him to initiate a permaculture (sustainable agriculture) program on the property. It is such a gift for us to be able to do all of this out here without having to have the resources to start it all on our own. I know that some people have done it though through starting kick starter campaigns and such. It is so great to hear about the transition you’re experiencing in Southern Oregon. It’s amazing to me how sometimes the things that make us the happiest are the things we would rarely choose for ourselves! I would love to continue to hear about your journey there too! Also, I plan on blogging about yoga at some point… Just have not gotten around to yet!


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